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End of year letter from the President

Dear members,

As my tenure as the Theta Epsilon Chapter President ends, I would like to thank all our members for their support and participation in our chapter over the last several years- we have accomplished many great things! This year we gave back to the community and got members involved in helping others. We started a Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief program that was adopted by UCF, we participated in Habitat for Humanity, and we gave flu shots at the UCF Health Center. We also started a Facebook page (STTIThetaEpsilon- so like us!) and website: We inducted over 175 new members into the chapter this year and also had one of our best Scholarship Days ever with 50 poster and podium presentations.

We continued our grants program and awarded Dr. Susan Fowler funding for her research examining critical care nurse perceptions of hope inspiring strategies. We also continued our excellence awards program and Dr. Fowler also was awarded the chapters Excellence in Leadership Award- Congratulations Sue on both awards!

No chapter can operate without a dedicated group of members. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the outgoing members of the Theta Epsilon Board of Directors. Thank you to: Patty Geddie (secretary), Stephen Heglund (Counselor, Governance Committee Chair), Maureen Covelli (Past-President), Lisa Kinchen, Linda Hennig and Anne Peach (Leadership Succession Committee), and Jayne Willis, Salena Tully, and Donna Breit (Governance Committee).

Continuing on the Board are: Joyce DeGennaro (President), Diane Andrews (Treasurer), Vicki Loerzel (Past-President), Dawn Turnage (Vice- President), Amanda Schultz (Webmaster), Ellen Reising (Membership Involvement), Josie Weiss (Leadership), and Dawn Eckoff (Governance).

I would like to congratulate the following members for their election to the Theta Epsilon Board of Directors: Sarah Sakala (Secretary); Kelly Allred (Counselor); Susan Chase, Jayne Willis and Matthew Berry (Leadership Committee); and Sarah Rose Thornton, Susan Fowler, Lygia Arcaro, and Patricia Quigley (Governance Committee). These members will be joining Joyce DeGennaro, our new President, for the 2018-20 term.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their support and participation. If you are interested in volunteering for next year, please send us an email at

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