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Theta Epsilon's 32nd Annual Scholarship Day

STTI Theta Epsilon hosted its 32nd Annual Scholarship Day on April 2, 2024. The theme for 2024 was mentorship. The podium and poster presentations were informative and we had lots of positive energy in the room.


Our keynote speaker was Dr. Annette Bourgault and Dr. Vicki Loerzel, who are faculty members at the UCF College of Nursing, along with many other hats. Their presentation was titled: "Unlocking Potential: Keys to Purposeful Mentorship".


Thank you to the many members who attended and participated in this event.


Stay tuned for Theta Epsilon's 33rd Annual Scholarship Day on April 1st, 2025!

2024 Scholarship Day Poster Award Recipients


Jethro Suarez, Research Assistant/Graduate Student

2024 Poster Award Recipient


Constance and Kristy Hemmingway
2024 Poster Award Recipient


Brianna Perry, BSN Traditional Student c/o 2024

2024 Poster Award Recipient

Past Scholarship Day Agendas

Past Scholarship Day Photos