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Sigma Theta Tau - Theta Epsilon Chapter Grant Criteria *CLOSED 10/15/2023*

The Theta Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International at UCF College of Nursing is pleased to present a call for applications for funding open to all active chapter members.  Clinical, educational, and research projects are eligible for funding (even for students).  Applicants must be the Principal Investigator (PI) of record with the IRB.  Together with the application, you must also submit: (1) a research or quality improvement proposal (maximum 5 double spaced pages) and (2) a copy of your current curriculum vitae (CV).


You will not be eligible if you have received funding within the last 3 years.


*Research/ Quality Improvement Proposal (5 double spaced page limit)


Abstract (100 words)


Specific Aims

• This proposal must provide a problem statement and identify a specific research question, aims, and/or intended objectives or purpose of the proposed study/project.



• Briefly describe the background information relevant to this proposal, including a brief evaluation of the existing body of knowledge about the problem. Identify the importance to the study to nursing practice. State the rationale for your approach to the problem.


Methods and Timetable

• Describe the design and methods that will be used to carry out this research/quality improvement project. Identify the study sample, site and the variables you plan to describe and test. Specify the instruments you will use and include copies in an appendix attached to your proposal. If appropriate, include information about validity and reliability of the instruments (not counted in the 5-page limit). Describe your protocol (how you plan to collect data) and how you plan to analyze the data. Develop a proposed timetable for your study (not included in the 5 page double spaced limit). Discuss your plans for dissemination.



• References must be APA 6th Edition format and are not included in the five page double spaced limit for the proposal narrative.


Budget and Justification

• Please complete the budget worksheet on the application.

Past Grant Recipients

Fall 2023

  • Valerie Martinez: UCF College of Nursing PhD Student

Fall 2019

  • Annette Bourgault: Stop Auscultation of FEeding Tubes (SAFETy study)

Fall 2018

  • Brian Peach: Organizational characteristics associated with high and low performance on the centers for medicare and medicaid services' sepsis core measure

  • Laura Arkin: An explorative study on nurses' attitudes and beliefs of medication safety and reporting in practice


Spring 2017

  • Harriett Miller: Reducing distress in neonates undergoing retinopathy of prematurity eye exams


Fall 2016

  • Desiree Diaz: Creation of a pediatric sepsis early recognition simulation and checklist

  • Elizabeth Kinchen: Holistic nursing values in nurse practitioner education

  • Vicki Montoya:  Determinants of nephrology provider use of conservative management vs. dialysis in elderly patients > 75years: Development and psychometric analysis of a survey


Spring 2016

  • Annette Bourgault: De-Implementation of tradition-based practices by critical care nurses

  • Susan Quelly: Outcomes of a parental intervention to support an innovative health education intervention to prevent childhood obesity: A pilot study


Fall 2015

  • Billie Russell: Improving physical activity habits in persons with CAD

  • Susan Quelly: Impact of a health education glucose simulator on 4th and 5th graders knowledge, attitudes, intentions and behaviors related to childhood obesity: A pilot study

  • Michele Upvall: Strengthening global health partnerships: perspectives of nurses from low resource countries


Spring 2015

  • Valerie Lapp: Perceived readiness to transition to adult health care for youth with CF and Congruence with caregivers views


Fall 2014

  • Lyne Chamberlin: Heart failure and self-care

  • Susan Quelly: Feasibility of an Educational Interactive Glucose Simulator to prevent childhood obesity

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